Introducing new VUVOX Style variation: 'Cinematic Duality'

A new style variation emerged the other day from our test bed of Beta Production tools. This time we've added it to the public beta line-up of VUVOX Studio styles that everyone can access. Embedded in this page is an example piece published with this new style. It shows off a couple things we've been working on. Firstly, we've been working on styles composites that take on multiple media targets, each can designate their own presentation 'engine'. Cinematic Duality allows you to set the foreground to 'Slideshow' and the background to 'Vuvision'. We've also developed our 'sequence' engine, which overlays images on top of eachother. An example of the sequence engine is found here. It works best when shooting burst mode on your camera. The layout is very simple here, but the relationship of foreground/background & the letterbox showed real promise. The live tools allows you to add music and change background color. The customize palette allows you to specify which layout you want in your scene.

TIP: make sure that you play with the order of your media in your storyboard to affect the layout and flow of which images flow into the media targets

VUVOX attends DEMO alumni Party

Aug. 14, 2007, Palo Alto, CA -- We were invited back to the DEMO alumni party, hosted by Chris Shipley. It was a great event to re-connect with old friends. There was an opportunity to give a quick update to some select individuals on the progress we've made since our preview last Feburary in Palm Desert. Here's some pictures from the event:

Ease of use....

VUVOX is centered on enabling our customers to visually express in new ways. We recognize that the market is stuffed full of simple slide shows, video editors and widgets. In many cases, one dimensional presentations are more than sufficient to communicate random images that are may be centered around quick social updates. We are confident that many of these companies will do well and we wish them the best. We are on another track. We really care about final quality and the content that is being communicated. We also believe that most people feel strongly about how their memories are preserved. However, production values (to borrow a Hollywood term) have always been the domain of lofty professionals with big budgets and time on their hands. Current desktop and online consumer companies have more or less said: “if you want high quality personal content, be prepared to spend a lot of time.” In a 24/7 world….who has time ? The result is that today’s creation solutions force you into accepting imposed limitations. In this world, tech terms like “ease of use” become an accepted tradeoff for simplistic expression. The result: EVERYTHING looks the same. Is this the future of digital media communication ? Is this all you want ? Anyone who spends time on VUVOX, immediately realizes that we take the user's overall site experience and targeted feature design very serious. While we don't always get it right the first time, we know that design elegance centers on making complex tasks appear easy. The experience should deliver results that continually delight the customer. There is no reason more advanced production values can't be within reach of every customer. Of course, talk is cheap. We just had a discussion about a specific feature that might be just beyond some customer’s ability to intuitively understand its function. If they have previously used any standard photo editing tools…they should instantly understand this feature…if not, they might be initially scratching their heads until they move through the process once. The risk: It will require the customer to click a few more times and perhaps learn something new. The reward: If we implement this feature it introduce a new browser based creation paradigm that is very exciting (we hope). What do you think ? - Should we put that functionality in ? - Do we "dumb down" the product to make sure everyone can use it ? - Do we narrow our target market to provide a feature that may cause the larger mass market problems ?


Digital cameras ? Camcorders ? Cameraphones ?... ACTION ! In 2006, a small team with a solid history of digital media development, came together to discuss the status of online media creation and sharing. We looked at the various solutions for desktop and online production and we noticed four things: 1. To communicate beyond a simple slide show, takes a great amount of effort. 2. Locating and editing personal media is still a time consuming process. 3. Current solutions - blogs, slideshows - are focused on 20th century formats that center on minimal interaction (passive viewing) and static page layouts. 4. Everything looks the same. What are we doing about it... VUVOX is not limited to 20th century thinking... we are all about innovation. A display based, 24/7 mobile world demands new forms of media creation that reflects your desire to constantly capture and share your life... AS IT HAPPENS. Most important, you should be able to communicate with high quality production values that reflect the vision that you alone are bringing to the world. With our launch of STUDIO and EXPRESS in June, 2007, we introduced a new type of platform that enables unmatched personalization. As you dig into STUDIO... the platform’s customization power becomes apparent. If you want super fast creation and sharing, EXPRESS is the place to go. It’s all about giving you the control to find and express your visual voice. This is not a one-way street. Our role is develop and evolve the most powerful 24/7 media creation and sharing platform on the planet. Your role is to have fun using VUVOX and constantly guide us on where you want the platform to go. It’s going to take time and dedication on everyone’s part. We will hit bumps along the way. Working together, we will create something special. The VUVOX BLOG will help you find out more about VUVOX. We are really excited about establishing a dialog with you: - What do you like... or, dislike ? - Ideas for improving the platform. - Highlighting VUVOX Styles that take visual expression to a new level. - Business, Creative and Technical thoughts. - VUVOX special announcements. So, welcome. We are super excited to have the chance to work with you as we all set out to realize our visual media expression dreams ! The VUVOX Team