Cut-out Express launched: Dynamic Photo frames meet Photoshop-like tools

We're very excited about the advancements in 'VUVOX: Cut-out Express'. It's been been fun watching some of our early beta testers create some pretty amazing things. The possibilities of dynamic frame cut-outs allow any photograph to be used to create a contextual portal to another piece of media. That could be a slideshow OR video. The juxtaposition of the media seems to be a really nice combination. There's really no end to what you can create with this thing. We want you to use it, share it and *dare* someone to a Cut-out dual!

Click on the 'Menu' button in the player to navigate to other cut-out examples.

VUVOX featured in prominent Photojournalism essay

We've been making advancements in our photo collage tool. Our most recent collaborations include the San Jose Mercury News Photo department, specifically the work by Richard Hernandez. We recently invited Tech Blogger & photo enthusiast, Robert Scoble to talk with us about these recent developments, and how VUVOX works with Photojournalists. The piece created by Hernandez was an interactive photo essay on the town of Willow Glen, California. The piece took about two weeks of research to document and photograph, but only about two hours to create in the new VUVOX collage tool. Scoble interviews Richard on his Creation process. Next, Robert Scoble interviews Dane Howard, CXO of VUVOX about tool itself and how the user experience was design for VUVOX collage. The Collage tool is currently in private beta, if you're interested in giving feedback or being contacted about the VUVOX beta, let us know.

Animated Style variation 'Waves'

After a bit of tinkering, I came up with a great style variation that showcases VUVOX's video capabilities. This one is available to those of you using VUVOX Express and our Facebook application, Photo Slide. It demonstrates just how captivating a little video can be. We’ve been working on Style variations that use video overlays and backgrounds to make your media come alive. Waves is a new variation that displays a slideshow on a sandy beach as waves wash over your media. The effect is a peaceful and contemplative as a day beside the ocean can be. The layout I created is kind of complex, using multiple layers to create the transparent effects. The effect on the other hand, is akin to the simple pleasure of watching the waves wash over your feet. You can find 'Waves' under the mediawall Style in VUVOX Express and Facebook's Photo Slide.

Introducing new VUVOX Style variation: 'Cinematic Duality'

A new style variation emerged the other day from our test bed of Beta Production tools. This time we've added it to the public beta line-up of VUVOX Studio styles that everyone can access. Embedded in this page is an example piece published with this new style. It shows off a couple things we've been working on. Firstly, we've been working on styles composites that take on multiple media targets, each can designate their own presentation 'engine'. Cinematic Duality allows you to set the foreground to 'Slideshow' and the background to 'Vuvision'. We've also developed our 'sequence' engine, which overlays images on top of eachother. An example of the sequence engine is found here. It works best when shooting burst mode on your camera. The layout is very simple here, but the relationship of foreground/background & the letterbox showed real promise. The live tools allows you to add music and change background color. The customize palette allows you to specify which layout you want in your scene.

TIP: make sure that you play with the order of your media in your storyboard to affect the layout and flow of which images flow into the media targets

VUVOX attends DEMO alumni Party

Aug. 14, 2007, Palo Alto, CA -- We were invited back to the DEMO alumni party, hosted by Chris Shipley. It was a great event to re-connect with old friends. There was an opportunity to give a quick update to some select individuals on the progress we've made since our preview last Feburary in Palm Desert. Here's some pictures from the event: