We're Winding It Down

Dear Valued VUVOX creator,

VUVOX launched it's first creative tools in 2006 with the mission to provide an easy way to mix, create and blend your personal media into rich experiences. We continued that journey by adding new visual styles and enabling the instant connection to your online web albums, RSS feeds, Flickr photo streams and Facebook Albums.

In 2008, VUVOX was acquired by eBay Inc. where it continued to add value to their growing portfolio of companies & commerce offerings.
Over the past couple of years, media sharing & personal expression has evolved and changed. Many of the key VUVOX team members were absorbed into eBay properties and the VUVOX platform has not seen many new developments in quite some time.

We have decided that VUVOX services will begin to wind down. As of today, we will no longer support the creation of new accounts or content.
At the end of this month of (September 31st, 2013), VUVOX will sunset the services completely, removing all data on our servers.

We are incredibly grateful for all of the people who used and supported VUVOX over the years. We will keep in touch with further announcements.

Best regards,
The VUVOX Team

Rebuilding some drives...

VUVOX customers,

Looks like a drive failed (or was physically pulled out) on April 7. It seems like someone pulled out the 1.5 TB drive and stuck back in a 500GB drive, so our drive array can't rebuild, and switched into read-only mode, which is causing issues on our servers.

We are looking at the issue now. Sorry for your trouble...

Stay tuned...

Image uploading fixed

We've migrated some servers, expanded capacity and fixed some bugs. Uploading to VUVOX is testing well and we seem to be back online.

Sorry to everyone if this was disrupting workflow.

Keep Creating!


-the VUVOX team

I can't save my VUVOX Collage. What's going on?

Q: I've been working on a VUVOX collage and can't save. What do I do?

A: On longer sessions within the browser, your signed-in session may time out or you may have lost internet connection. If this is the case, make sure you click on 'Sign In' from the global nav in the upper right of the website. This will allow you to sign in and you should then be able to save your progress.


Q: My changes in my collage aren't reflected. What is going on?

A: one way to help this along is to see if you can 'Save As' another version. Give it another name and see if you will be able to branch and make progress moving forward. We've found that creators that do this create versions of their work in stages, allowing them to go back if necessary to earlier versions if needed.



SAVE Often... VUVOX is an online tool, and thus your changes you make to your collage should be saved every few minutes to ensure that you are responsibly saving. For this reason, you can save as 'Draft' to ensure that your version isn't being shared in a public forum as you build your collage.


thanks for your questions! 

UPDATE: VUVOX should be back up & running...

We're humble and sorry to ALL our customers for this outage. Our DNS issue should be fixed and should be propagating across the web. If you are NOT seeing VUVOX.com in your browser yet, give it some time to propagate across the network.

We've been graced in the past that the loads and traffic on our servers have been good to us.


Thanks for your patience and not throwing tomatoes!


The VUVOX team

Oops! Site is down. We're working on it.

We're sorry for this glitch in the matrix... We've had an unexpected Server issue and are working to repair it as quickly as possible. 

We're grateful for your patience and are humbled and sorry to have affected your deadlines and your VUVOX.

the VUVOX team.

'# of cylinders' error message

We are aware of this problem and are working on a fix, which should go live soon. The problem occurs when a listing is created on eBay Motors using the VIN (vehicle identification number), which pre-fills information like your vehicle engine type.  Unfortunately, there’s a bug in the system which prevents us from updating your listing’s description with the HTML embed code for your collage, because it thinks you didn’t enter the # of cylinders.


It may be possible for you to copy the embed code, and then edit your listing on eBay, and manually insert the embed code into the listing description. 


You would go to your collage, click on the share button in the lower-right corner, click on embed to blog or personal site, click on the full option, and then click on copy code.


Then go to eBay.com, and revise your listing.  Go to edit listing description, and switch to HTML mode, and paste in the embed code into your listing, and then hit save.


Sorry for your trouble. Hope this helps.


The VUVOX team