Video Upload and encoding with VUVOX

How do you know if your video is encoding correctly? Follow these steps:

-- 1st, while editing a collage in VUVOX, select the button that says "Upload more Files'.
-- Select the movie file from your machine and upload it. The upload time will depend on the size of your file and your internet connection speed.
-- One your file has been uploaded it needs to be *encoded* to the proper format. Navigat to the 'My Media' tab and select 'Video' from the pulldown.

NOTE: you should see feedback directly on the new file that says 'Media not available yet' with a progress bar % of the processed file.

Once your file has been encoded, you should see a thumbnail of the file and you can add it to the stage. (see below)

---------- HERE'S A TIP ----------
For the *most* control over video encoding, you can use a Flash Video encoder, and output at any aspect ratio and size. (100MB limit).
when you upload a .FLV file directly, you can use it right away, as it will not need to be re-encoded.

For more information, see our posts on uploading to VUVOX

Uploading to VUVOX. FAQ

Frequently asked Questions about Creating, publishing and embedding a VUVOX Collage. For additional help, visit our Online Video Tutorials on

Q: What is the best way to upload into VUVOX?

A: The most comprehensive way to upload into VUVOX is through the Collage interface. You must be logged in to access this screen. Uploading images, video and audio can all be done through this interface. Even if you are wanting to use VUVOX Studio, you can upload through the Collage interface. From here you can organize your media into groups or sort by media type (images, video, audio) if needed.

Q: What media formats do you support for upload?