Account Management: FAQ

Q: I want to change the email address on my account. How do I do it?

A: Your privacy is very important, and so is the security of your email address. As a policy we don't change account email addresses once an account has been opened. We recommend you use your username as the primary way of logging into your account. If you have questions about changing your email address associated with your account, please request in writing


Q: I want to close my account. How do I do it?

A: While you are logged-into your account, click on 'My Account' from the top nav bar. This will take you to a simple 'Update your account' page. Click on the Red link entitled 'Delete Account' -- You will be asked if you REALLY want to do this. If yes, then your account, all media and respective presentations will ALL be removed.

Q: How is the 'Public info' field used?

A: The public info is used to mask your username if you would like to have a more 'legible' and user-friendly phrase of authorship associated with your creations. Use the Public info field on the 'My Account' Page. This is the info that people will see next to your profile icon.

Q: How do I set my profile icon?

A: Follow these steps:

1) While you are logged into your VUVOX account, select the 'My Stuff' tab from the global nav.

2) select the link entitled  'Profile' --> you will be presented with your public profile page

3) Select 'Edit' to update and change the information on your public profile. From this page you can upload an image to change your profile icon.

Q: How do create / use channels?

A: Channels can be created from your 'My Stuff' page by selecting the button entitled 'Create a Channel'. You can think of channels as online containers for your presentations. Their visibility can be set to Public or Unlisted based on your sharing preferences. When you publish to a channel, your presentation can have it's own content and permalink, but you can also get the permalink of your channel itself, allowing you to group content together. The channel architecture also let's you embed channels in the VUVOX player. For more information on embedding Channels, visit the Embedding VUVOX FAQ.