Connecting to Flickr, Picasa & SmugMug using VUVOX - FAQ

Q: How do I connect to my Flickr, Picasa or Smugmug account using VUVOX Collage?

A: Once you're in VUVOX Collage, select the respective media tab corresponding to the service you use.
  • Flickr - Connect to Flickr account by authorizing your Flickr account to talk with VUVOX. (note, you only have to do this once). Once connected, the pull-down menu will allow you to select which online set you can select.
  • Picasa - Enter your username (NOTE this is usually the name before the '@' symbol when you log-in to Google's Picasa account. Note that all public web albums will be visible in the pull-down menu. If you DON'T see your web albums, check the privacy settings. Only 'Public' web albums will be seen.
  • Smugmug - Connect by entering your SmugMug username and password. This will allow SmugMug API to connect to VUVOX. Inside the pull-down menu will be all of your SmugMug online Albums.

Q: How do I paginate through my media when connected to Flickr, Picasa or Smugmug?

A: We'll paginate every 24 photos when connected to another service. Look for the phrase 'page 1 of  'x' . Click on the 'down' arrow right after the 2nd number. You will be presented with a number of pages that you can click on. This will allow you to jump from one page to another.

Q: What happens to my photos if I publish using my Flickr or Picasa images using VUVOX?

A: We never hurt the originals, they are retrieved every time the VUVOX piece is viewed. If you delete the original or move the album, the respective VUVOX piece will be unable to show any of the cooresponding images. NOTE that you are using these accounts to be the *source* of your media, so if you change that original media, then those changes will be affected in your VUVOX collage.