Video Upload and encoding with VUVOX

How do you know if your video is encoding correctly? Follow these steps:

-- 1st, while editing a collage in VUVOX, select the button that says "Upload more Files'.
-- Select the movie file from your machine and upload it. The upload time will depend on the size of your file and your internet connection speed.
-- One your file has been uploaded it needs to be *encoded* to the proper format. Navigat to the 'My Media' tab and select 'Video' from the pulldown.

NOTE: you should see feedback directly on the new file that says 'Media not available yet' with a progress bar % of the processed file.

Once your file has been encoded, you should see a thumbnail of the file and you can add it to the stage. (see below)

---------- HERE'S A TIP ----------
For the *most* control over video encoding, you can use a Flash Video encoder, and output at any aspect ratio and size. (100MB limit).
when you upload a .FLV file directly, you can use it right away, as it will not need to be re-encoded.

For more information, see our posts on uploading to VUVOX