How to Add Background Music

Adding background music to a VUVOX presentation can be done by uploading a non-DRM MP3 file into your VUVOX account.

If using VUVOX Collage, navigate to the 'My Media' tab in the lower left. Use the pull-down to select 'audio' as your media type. Next, drag and drop your file onto the stage. You will see feedback via a yellow layer. Drag the audio there.

The panel will slide out from the right. It can be accessed by clicking on the music note icon as well. You can add multiple audio files and set your playback options.
You can set it to Loop or Shuffle. For multiple files, you can enable a controller allowing the viewer to skip tracks if needed.

Currently not supported is the ability add audio to hotspots. That is Coming SOON!

For more information on supported media formats, see the 'Uploading FAQ'