We're Winding It Down

Dear Valued VUVOX creator,

VUVOX launched it's first creative tools in 2006 with the mission to provide an easy way to mix, create and blend your personal media into rich experiences. We continued that journey by adding new visual styles and enabling the instant connection to your online web albums, RSS feeds, Flickr photo streams and Facebook Albums.

In 2008, VUVOX was acquired by eBay Inc. where it continued to add value to their growing portfolio of companies & commerce offerings.
Over the past couple of years, media sharing & personal expression has evolved and changed. Many of the key VUVOX team members were absorbed into eBay properties and the VUVOX platform has not seen many new developments in quite some time.

We have decided that VUVOX services will begin to wind down. As of today, we will no longer support the creation of new accounts or content.
At the end of this month of (September 31st, 2013), VUVOX will sunset the services completely, removing all data on our servers.

We are incredibly grateful for all of the people who used and supported VUVOX over the years. We will keep in touch with further announcements.

Best regards,
The VUVOX Team

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I just found this site and was so excited. If you decide to wind up please let me know.
Dear VUVOX Team, Is a pity that you have to winding down this marvellous programme. I am sorry certainly. Is any way to download the html /css code in order to don´t loose my VUVOX stuff? Thank you very much for your magnificient job. Regards from Madrid (Spain)
Nooooo...! You can't shut this site down, I forbid it! Probably the worst day of my life. Vuvox shall always be alive in my heart. Rest in peace.
Please do not destroy neither our nor your work. How about making us to pay? I am an 56 years old "unemployed" person onto social aids (Hartz IV) in Germany, and 5 up to 10 Euros per month seem available to me for that excellent software. Please do not destroy anything. If ever you kill it, please help us to savegard. I'm sure we will pay that for, as well as ever I was hoping that you find the way to commercialize your work.
Thank you for your comments. We'll be recommending other services that we think have done a great job with media expression and sharing. Some of you have inquired about saving your work. There is no simple way to get local versions of your content or presentations, however one way we recommend is to take video screen capture movies of your presentations and favorite creations. Good screen capture software is found at: Camtasia: camstudio.org/‎ There's also a nice list of 10 screen recording apps: http://mac.appstorm.net/roundups/utilities-roun... Thanks for your creativity and your passion! the VUVOX team
My students and I have been using Vuvox for years and have produced exceptional collages for educational use. At this point, all of our content is lost to us. No warning email was sent to any user, and since we are a school, we weren't using the site over the summer or during September. We need our content, and I ask Vuvox to find a way to allow us to get our content off the site. It is absolutely irresponsible to close in this way without adequate means for users' access.
Noooooo! You can't do that. I need my presentation back! I absolutely do! You can not just wipe the disks clean without adequate notification and an option for your users to retrieve their data. If at least the images and clips could be downloaded..! I have worked so hard to get it all up and together and now it's all gone!!? Won't you please pull yourself out like that and let your community down... This looks like the worst of anything I have ever experienced with a service closing.
Thank you Dane Howard and your Vuvox team of the past! Our family was aided tremendously by your creative product made available to us for absolutely nothing. It made possible a very professional look for promoting our lil ma and pa year round golf and beach vacation rentals in beautiful Destin, FL for several years. Congrats on your acquisition/partnership with E-bay. The sunset of Vuvox has left a big hole in our website, www.ChristianCondos.net It would mean much to us if you would take a look where it used to be on each condo page ... We tried your kindly supplied list of alternates but the codes our site is written in (html5, Css3, JQuery, PHP & MySQL) seem to be preventing success :( To reclaim our 5 slideshows would yield great value and joy. We have the original URLs; All 4 properties http://www.vuvox.com/collage_express/channel/0f... LaSata 3107 http://www.vuvox.com/collage/detail/0d538620b Azure 117 http://www.vuvox.com/collage/detail/0d45dd8f4 Silver Beach Towers E-1603 http://www.vuvox.com/collage/detail/0d4f87920 Ariel Dunes II - 502 http://www.vuvox.com/collage/detail/0d34b2dc4 THANK YOU kindly for our history together and indeed for anything you might can do as far as recovery goes, The Brown Family 850 385-0917 www.ChristianCondos.net DestinRentals@comcast.net p.s. let us know when we can serve as your hosts along God's gorgeous Emerald Coast!
I am a journalist and we used Vuvox to create some rich stories. All our stories that were included in our online newspapers have disappeared suddenly, without warning. Ok ok... Thank you.
I need my presentation back. Please can You send it to me? The URL was http://www.vuvox.com/collage/detail/06a4eae50a You can not wipe the disks clean without adequate notification. It's too bad! iGoogle has closed too but didn't do what you did to our work! This is the worts experience with a service closing I ever had.
I need my presentation back! You can not just wipe the disks clean without adequate notification. Please can you give me my work, I need it! The URl is http://www.vuvox.com/collage/detail/06a4eae50a
Hello VUVOX, I used and absolutely loved vuvox. I used this site as a student and professional, all of my work and content is now lost. I didn't realize the site would be shut down without warning? Is there any way to retrieve my work?
I agree with the other commenters. I used the site on my teaching portfolio and received no notification that content would be taken down. As I prepared to share my portfolio with a large group, I saw that my content has now been erased. This does not strike me as a responsible handling of user data.
I'm journalist and used Vuvox to create great material. I'd like to have my work back. Please, let me know if it's possible. The link is: http://www.vuvox.com/collage/detail/0428586b09
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