My Video files won't encode on VUVOX, What's going on?

If you are experiencing problems with uploading video to VUVOX, this is a known issue and the team is investigating a viable solution. At this time, the collage tool supports only photo uploads. We'll update you once we can support video uploads. 

Sorry for your trouble.

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More importantly, why when you edit a collage and save it does it erase existing media on hotspots? VERY IMPORTANT to fix or explain, please.

And why are you crashing so often these days?

HELP. We have a school class of 68 poised to use VUVOX but we are very worried.

ALSO, do you expect that mymedia photos will soon be available when making a Studio?
I need serious help with a project. Slideshows can't be edited, hotspots are a mess, and we're trying to use a collage for my newspaper's 9/11 coverage. Does anyone work here anymore?