I can't save my VUVOX Collage. What's going on?

Q: I've been working on a VUVOX collage and can't save. What do I do?

A: On longer sessions within the browser, your signed-in session may time out or you may have lost internet connection. If this is the case, make sure you click on 'Sign In' from the global nav in the upper right of the website. This will allow you to sign in and you should then be able to save your progress.


Q: My changes in my collage aren't reflected. What is going on?

A: one way to help this along is to see if you can 'Save As' another version. Give it another name and see if you will be able to branch and make progress moving forward. We've found that creators that do this create versions of their work in stages, allowing them to go back if necessary to earlier versions if needed.



SAVE Often... VUVOX is an online tool, and thus your changes you make to your collage should be saved every few minutes to ensure that you are responsibly saving. For this reason, you can save as 'Draft' to ensure that your version isn't being shared in a public forum as you build your collage.


thanks for your questions!