'# of cylinders' error message

We are aware of this problem and are working on a fix, which should go live soon. The problem occurs when a listing is created on eBay Motors using the VIN (vehicle identification number), which pre-fills information like your vehicle engine type.  Unfortunately, there’s a bug in the system which prevents us from updating your listing’s description with the HTML embed code for your collage, because it thinks you didn’t enter the # of cylinders.


It may be possible for you to copy the embed code, and then edit your listing on eBay, and manually insert the embed code into the listing description. 


You would go to your collage, click on the share button in the lower-right corner, click on embed to blog or personal site, click on the full option, and then click on copy code.


Then go to eBay.com, and revise your listing.  Go to edit listing description, and switch to HTML mode, and paste in the embed code into your listing, and then hit save.


Sorry for your trouble. Hope this helps.


The VUVOX team